Luca Dan Serbanati
     Compiler Techniques
     Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages.
     English Stream. Fourth year. Spring 2019
Email:    URL: Personal website
General Information:

Course: 2h/week
Lab work: 1h/week = 2h/2weeks
Credit points: 4


"Object-oriented Programming" and "Formal Languages and Automata" courses

Grading and workload
Our grade in the course will be earned / calculated as follows:
- Homework 30% and frequency(c/l) 10%
- Final exam 60%
Homeworks will be given roughly every week or two, and will each consist of a small number of exercises. Grades may also be adjusted upward slightly based on regular, positive contributions to class discussions.

Examination Policy
The comprehensive exam consists of a written answer to a quiz and a closed-book, two hours test consisting in designing and implementing some compiler components.

Lecture notes: not available


1. L. D. Serbanati, Limbaje si compilatoare, Ed. Academiei RSR, 1987.
2. A.V.Aho, M.S. Lam , R.Sethi,J.D.Ullman, Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools, Addison Wesley, Second edition, 2007
3. D. E. Knuth. Semantics of Context-free Languages. Mathematical Systems Theory, 2(2):127-145. Springer-Verlag, 1968. (Corrigenda: Mathematical Systems Theory 5, 1, 1971, 95-96.)

Schedule of Laboratory Topics and Homework
The lab assignments will require knowledge of materials covered by the course lectures.
Here you can find information on your work progress at this course.
Lab.# Week
Homework Topic

Lecture Schedule
Please note:
1.This schedule is subject to change
2. Look closely at this site for changes

Lesson Topic 

Exam Date Time/Room
Tue,4 June
Final Examination
Final Results
Thu,13 June
Exam Redoing
Fri,30 Aug.

Thu, 7 Sept.


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