Luca Dan Serbanati
     Software Architectures
     Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages. Computer Science Courses
     Master in Software Engineerin. Second year. Fall 2019
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General Information:
Course syllabus

Course: 2h/week
Lab work: 2h/week

Credit points: 5

Andrei Vasilateanu,

"Software Methodologies" course

Lecture notes : gradually published in web

Grading and workload
The final exam mark is calculated from several 10-based marks as follows:
(Homeworks, Laboratory Activity)*0.1+
(Lab and Course Attendance)*0.1 +
(Final Examination)*0.6
You can gain access to the final examination with MiniProject> 5 .

Homework Policy.
1.Homework submissions must not include external materials (e.g., web downloads).
2. The homeworks must be turned in on the due date. Late homeworks are not accepted for any reason and will receive a zero mark.
3.The homework is an individual research work.
4. Homeworks will require substantial time commitment. We strongly recommend that students begin working on assignments early. 5. The projects will be graded according to the judicious choice, usage and documentation of design patterns or architecture styles as well as to the overall quality of the student's software producing style. Late project defence tentatives are not accepted for any reason and the project will receive a zero mark.

Examination Policy
The comprehensive, closed-book exam consists of a closed-book written answer to a quiz and an test consisting in designing a comprehensive architecture for a distributed application.

1. In English: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, E. Gamma, R. Helm, R. Johnson, J. Vlissides, Addison Wesley Professional, 1994
In Romanian:
Design Patterns - Sabloane de proiectare, Teora, 2002.
2. Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions, G. Hohpe, B. Woolf, Addison Wesley, 2003, ISBN 0-321-20068-3

Schedule of Laboratory Topics and Homework Assignments
The lab homework assignments will require knowledge of materials covered by the course lectures.
Homework Assign.
Wen 25 Sept
CJ 201
Design Patterns.
Hwk 1
Wen 2 Oct
CJ 201
Design Patterns.
Hwk 2
Wen 9 Oct
CJ 201
Design Patterns.
Hwk 3
Wen 24 Oct
CJ 201
Design Patterns
Hwk: Lab 4.1
Lab 4.2
Lab #5
Wen 31 Oct
CJ 201
Architectural styles
Hwk 3-1
Hwk 3-2
Hwk 3-3
Wen Nov
Lab #6
CJ 201
Component-based Architectures
Java Enterprise Beans
Hwk 4
Tutorials: 1. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition: The Java EE Tutorial
2. Creating a Session Bean and Application Client in Netbeans 8 (video)
3. Creating JPA Entities in Netbeans (video) 4. Creating a Session Bean and Application Client in Netbeans 8 (video)
5. Creating JPA Entities in Netbeans (video)
Lab #7
CJ 201
Component-based Architectures
Java Enterprise Beans
Hwk 5
Lab. #8
JMS- Messaging Service
Hwk #7
Service-Oriented Architecture
Hwk #8
2nd Project delivery

Project Work

Project #
Project name
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Lecture Schedule
The lectures are delivered modularly.
Classes start after November 1st. Follow the information on this site
Lesson Topic

Design Patterns.
Lecture Notes
Introduction to Software Design.
Lecture Notes

Architectural Design.
Introduction to Software Architecture
Architectural Styles.
Broker Architecture: CORBA Standard
Lecture Notes
Component-Based Architecture.
Java Enterprise Edition. Enterprise Java Beans

Lecture Notes
Service-Oriented Architecture
Lecture Notes

Exam Date Time/Room

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