Luca Dan Serbanati
     Complements of Computer Science
     Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages. Computer Science Courses
     English Stream. Fifth year. Fall 2008
     Project: Teaching Assistant Andrei Vasilateanu
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General Information:
Course syllabus

Course: 2h/week
Lab work: 0h/week
Project: 1h/week=2h/2weeks
Credit points: 5

Teaching Assistant:
Andrei Vasilateanu,

"Software Development Methods" course

Lecture notes : not available

Grading and workload
Your grade in the course will be earned / calculated as follows:
- Project Activity 20%
- Project Defense 40%
- Final exam 40%

Project Policy.
1.Project submissions must not include external materials (e.g., web downloads).
2. The project must be turned in on the due date. Late projects are not accepted for any reason and will receive a zero mark.
3.The project is an individual research work.
4. The projects will require substantial time commitment. We strongly recommend that students begin working on assignments early.
Examination Policy
The comprehensive exam consists of a written answer to a quiz or question list, and a closed-book exercise consisting in analysis and design of a small application.

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides, Addison Wesley Professional, 1994
In Romanian:
Design Patterns - Sabloane de proiectare, Teora, 2002.

Project Work
Guidelines to Projects
1. Until the 10th October a list of project topics will be made available. Each student reports his/her preferred choice for a topic and the list of their submissions will be published in mid- October.
2. Throughout the semester, students will be responsible for development of a project.
3. The project report is submitted in late December (before Christmas period). On the prof's request the student may rewrite the report in early January.
4. In middle January (the last two week of the semester) the students are to give a 15 minutes defense of the project. The project defense is a separate requirement for passing the exam in this subject and part of the grading of the project work.
We expect that effort spent will help the student to gain a thorough understanding of software project development.
Here is the contents table for project deliverables.

Topics of projects (Partial List. Other topics are to be added. You can wait till Wendesday for your choice)
Project Statement

Project Sessions
In order to help students in their project work small applications involving design patterns will be proposed during the 2hours/2weeks project session. Here are scheduled these sessions.
# Week
Project Session Applic.

Schedule of lectures
Date/Time Lesson Topic/Room 

Exam Date Time/Room
31 Jan 2009 10h:00m

Final Examination
Here are the final results
4 May 2009 11h-13h JA001
Project defence
8 May 2009 14h, JA001 or
9 May 2009 9h, JA001

Here are the final results
5 Sep. 2009
10h:30m JA001

Exam Re-doing 5th Year
Here are the final results
6 Sep. 2009
8h:30m JA001

Exam Re-doing 5th Year
Here are the final results

The comprehensive closed-book exam consists of a written answer to some questions and the development of a small application.
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