Smarten Training Project

Smarten is a very general software framework inspired by Fowler's analysis models and provided with a built-in meta-modeling mechanism. In order to carry out a Smarten-based application, Smarten should be customized by qualified integrators. Smarten customization means to extend the framework and to use the meta-modeling mechanism in order to generate the desired application.
Smarten is written in C++ and Java in a very scalable manner. For remote objects implementation Smarten uses CORBA. The Smarten database is object oriented.
Smarten was mainly used by telecom companies for rating & billing, but it may be used for any service-based process.

Client : Smarten S.p.A., Rome, Italy.

Activity description : Developed and taught training courses for Smarten users. Emphasis was on courses for Smarten integrators. Participated in the product reengineering and supplied the development team with training courses.

Environments/Tools used : Sun Server/Solaris, Versant OODBMS, C++, Java, CORBA, Rational Rose

Skills/Roles : Author of training courses, training manager, mentor, and software analyst.