MobiDis Project demo of data transfer from the virtual medical record on a palm (avi)

System Architecture Document (.pdf)

MobiDis is an information system aimed to include healthcare caregivers and consumers in a virtual healthcare organization. It provides healthcare professionals and organizations with services which can access virtual healthcare records of citizens. These services are provided when and where it is needed, while still providing timely and secure access to all the critical information required. MobiDis enables access from/to desktop or laptop PCs, connected by LANs, as well as mobile devices: PDAs, tablet PCs, nurse's carts, notebooks, all connected by wireless networks.

From an architectural point of view, MobiDis is a multi-tiered distributed system. Its users (caregivers, patients, health offices, etc.) may remotely access a large repository of virtual healthcare records. Every user (consumer or provider) has an account, granting him the possibility to access the system. Virtual healthcare records are automatically updated from the electronic healthcare records belonging to various caregivers. Each user can also query information strictly complying with his/her access and privacy rights. When some changes of a citizen's healthcare information are notified in the system, the repository supplies with updated information all healthcare records concerning that citizen. The healthcare events, the cornerstone of the Mobidis system, are complex objects which contain beside event-relevant information, other medical data such treatments, drugs, and physical therapies.

The MobiDis project proposes a web services-based architectural solution. In order to validate this solution a prototype was carried out. The prototype makes extensive use of the last XML-based standards (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) in order to deliver services to three types of internet enabled-clients: a browser enabled client, a stand-alone Java application client, and a PDA browser-enable client.

Sponsor : Institute for System Analysis and Computer Science "Antonio Ruberti" , Italian National Research Council.

Environments/Tools used : Rational Rose, xmlspy, J2EE, MySQL, Java.

Activity description : Project co-coordinator: gathered requirements, carried out the conceptual model, proposed the architecture. Adviser for the project participants. Project manager and software architect of the prototype.